BISYAMON-TEN (Vaisravana), Buddha Statue Figure

ISUMU / TC / 3503
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BISYAMON-TEN (Vaisravana) / Tana Cocoro
Buddha Statue Figure, by Isumu

Kamakura period (1186)
Bisyamon-ten is one of the four Heavenly Kings and is often thought of as a god of warfare. In Buddhism, he is a protector of the northern direction.
Many samurais worshipped Bisyamon-ten, particularly during war-torn eras.
Particularly eye-catching is the contrast between the dark body and the strikingly bright white eyes.  *Unkei

Ernest Fenollosa, the American art historian who made the first full inventory of Japanese artistic treasures in 1882, said: “Unkei to the Japanese is like Michelangelo to the West.”
Unkei is the most famous Buddhist sculptor in Japan. He had intimate connections with many prominent cultural figures and samurais in medieval Japan, and produced numerous outstanding pieces.
His works are characterized by their dynamic and often masculine expressions, that were unlike the traditional Buddhist statues with their characteristically calm appearances.

黒く鈍い光を放つ身体と白い眼の対比が目を引きます。  *運慶

1882年開始第一次正式調查了日本美術的美國人東洋美術史學家Ernest Francisco Fenollosa說“運慶對於日本人的意義相當於米開朗琪羅之於歐美人的意義。”運慶與中世紀日本相當多的有財有力有文化的人以及寺廟有深交,併塑造了很多優秀的佛像,是日本最著名的佛像彫刻大師。和之前平靜的面部表情的佛像所不同,強有力的男性特徵的展現是運慶手法的特徵。



Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size:
Height: 205mm
Width: 110mm
Depth: 82mm
Weight 380g
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