FUDO MYO-O Standing (Acala), Buddha Statues Figure

ISUMU / TC / 3533
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FUDO MYO-O Standing / Tana Cocoro
Buddha Statues Figure, by Isumu

Kamakura period
Standing Statue of Fudo Myoo
With great compassion and wrath, Fudo Myo-o saves those who do not conform to the teachings of Buddhism.
He takes on the expression of extreme wrath, to guide them into the right direction. It is also a manifestation of his firm determination to save All the Living.
This is modeled after a not-so-large image that is 42 cm tall.
Judging by the voluminous stature, willful visage, and innovative expression of the clothing, (although it is small in size) the original image is considered to have been produced by Unkei, one of the most famous sculptors of Buddhist statues in Japan, or in his workshop.


Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size:
Height: 208mm
Width: 85mm
Depth: 50mm
Weight 265g
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