FUDO MYO-O Standing (Acala), Buddha Statue Figure

ISUMU / Standard / 003026
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FUDO MYO-O /Standard
Buddha Statue Figure, by Isumu

Standing Statue of Fudo Myoo
“Fudo” means unshakeable strong mind. In the right hand, Fudo Myo’o holds a sword of wisdom which cuts through worldly desires. In the left hand, he holds a rope of salvation and commandment.
The angry look on the face expresses his strong determination to save sentient beings and the upright posture represents when he stood up for the lost sentient beings. Fudo Myo’o is strongly worshipped, especially in Japan and many sculptures and paintings were made.
This statue’s model was made by Unkei in 1189 and was designated as an important cultural property of Japan. Unkei is one of the most famous sculptor of Buddha statues. The firm body shape and the lively face expression particularly resembles Unkei’s characteristic.


Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size:
Height: 420mm
Width: 160mm
Depth: 155mm
Weight 2300g
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