KISSHOTEN (Kissyo ten), Buddhist Statues

ISUMU / TC / 3773
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Kisshōten (Kissyo ten) / Tana Cocoro
Buddhist Statues figure, by Isumu

Kissyo-ten holds a wish-fulfilling jewel called the Nyoi-hoju (Cintamani) on her left hand, and she is considered to be the goddess of beauty, wealth, and happiness.
This wife of Bisyamon-ten (Vaisravana) is often represented as a lady from the Tang Dynasty.
Although this statue was created in 1212, the coloring remains vibrant to this day, mainly because it has been kept hidden from view and rarely exposed to light.

京都 浄瑠璃寺に宿る幸福と美の女神。日本における吉祥天の代表作
あらゆる願いを叶える福徳神 吉祥天

八百年の歴史伝える 細密現存仕様
モデルは京都 浄瑠璃寺の重要文化財 吉祥天立像。手のひらサイズで最大限の立体感を表現するため、瓔珞などの緻密なパーツすべてを単独で造形。細密現存仕様は褪色や汚れもそのまま再現し、鎌倉時代から現代まで八百余年の歴史を表現。しっとりと落ち着いた雰囲気をお楽しみいただけます.



Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size: 220x280x200mm
Height: 200mm
Width: 100mm
Depth: 87mm
Weight: 410g
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