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TOBATSU BISHAMONTEN / S-Class / Buddhist Statues figure, by Isumu

Debuted in S-Class, a national treasure statue of Toji Temple in Kyoto
"TOBATSU BISHAMONTEN" that appeared at the castle gate and repelled the enemy
"TOBATSU BISHAMONTEN" gathers faith as a guardian deity of national protection from the legend that "TOBATSU BISHAMONTEN" appeared on the castle gate and dismissed when the castle was attacked by a different race during the time of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.
Unlike the general Bishamonten statue, it has an exotic appearance wearing chained armor and a high crown, and stands with its feet on the palms of her hands presented by the earthly celestial maiden. increase.

京都 東寺の国宝像、S-Classにデビュー


モデルは東寺 宝物館に所蔵される国宝「木造兜跋毘沙門天立像」。平安京の正面にあった羅城門の楼上に安置されていたと伝わるこの像は、異国情緒漂う造形美が特徴で、多くの模刻像が京都や奈良を中心に残されています。
詳細な資料をもとにイスムが制作した「S-Class 兜跋毘沙門天」は、イスム史上最大の総高60センチ。西域の特徴を色濃く表す表情やポーズ、鎧など、ディテールの再現に特にこだわりました。現在のイスムがお届けしうる、日常を彩る最高のアートです。あまたの伝説を持つ謎多き守護神

Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size: 460x595x310mm
Height: 602mm
Width: 223mm
Depth: 150mm
Weight: 4700g
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