"Yoshitsune Uma-arai Waterfall in Yoshino, Izumi Province" & Natural cedar frame set

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Katsushika Hokusai Tour of Waterfalls in Various Province
Yoshitsune Uma-arai Waterfall in Yoshino, Izumi Province
/ Washu-yoshino Yoshitsune Umaarai no Taki
Natural cedar frame set, by KINOWA
Making skill - Level 3

Katsushika Hokusai
Tour of Waterfalls in Various Province / Washu-yoshino Yoshitsune Umaarai no Taki

The painting of the waterfall around Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture is named after the legend that Minamoto no Yoshitsune washed his horse. It depicts the water meandering, hitting a rock vigorously and splashing. The magnificent composition that is typical of Hokusai is a wonderful work.

About the kit
A kit of "KIHARIE ART KIT", a handmade woodworking art that you can easily do with a cutter knife and woodworking adhesive as if you were making a paper craft. A forehead and mat that can be displayed immediately after completion are set.
This KIHARIE ART KIT is a hard-level assembly that we would like people who love precise work and those who are quite accustomed to KIHARIE ART KIT to take on the challenge.
The wood used is all Japanese.
The assembly instructions are available in three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese.

About product
● Natural cedar picture frame (287 x 379 mm)
● Please specify your favorite color for the framed mat. (Black, Natural, Yomogi Green, Rose Gray, Night Blue, Indigo, Milano Red, Sunshine)

Thin plate for pasting, mount, cardboard spacer
Completed size
Tree species used
Japanese cedar, cypress, asada, tochi, yellowfin, pine, cherry, zelkova, etc.
Production time
10 hours

* This product is not a finished product. The image is a completed image.
* Because natural wood is used, the color and grain may differ from the image.
* The tree species used are subject to change without notice due to the availability of materials.

If it is out of stock, you may be able to request production from the manufacturer, so please contact us.


Manufacturer KINOWA
Package size:
Finished size 297 X 210 mm
Picture frame size 379 x 287 mm
Assembly reference time: 10 hours
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