GIFU CASTLE, Japanese Castle Model

Woody JOE
WJCM-24 / Level 2
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1/150 Scale "Gifu Castle"
Wooden Japanese Castle Model, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 2

Gifu Castle was once called Inabayama Castle and was also the residence of Dosan Saito.
In 1567, Oda Nobunaga captured the castle, ruled this area, and renamed the place name "Inouguchi" to "Gifu." After that, Gifu Castle became the home of Japan's unification.
However, the castle fell at the end of the fierce battle that was attacked by the Eastern army in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.
The current castle was rebuilt in July 1956.

Contents of this kit
-The current Gifu castle is scaled down to 1/150.
-Reproduce the tower on the 4th floor of the three-layer structure.
-The mountain surface is reproduced using paper clay. This method was first used in Woody Joe products.
-Reproduced in detail using laser processing parts.
-The unique roof pattern of Japanese castles is reproduced using gold stickers.
-3 hardwoods are included.

Manufacturer: Woody JOE
Scale: 1/150
Package size: 315x235x45mm (330x255x70mm / 80size)
Depth: 250mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 205mm
Assembly reference time: 42hours
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