YUI SATTA REI / Yui-At the Top of Satta Pass, Ukiyo-e Layered Art

WJ53S-06 / Level 1
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53 Stations of the Tōkaidō Series
"Yui Satta Rei"
Ukiyo-e Layered art, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 1

The view from the pass is said to be the most beautiful of the "53 Stations of the Tōkaidō"
Fuji is drawn in the distance, and a white sailing ship is drawn in the beautiful blue sea of Suruga Bay. If you look closely, travelers take risks on the cliffs and are looking at the mountain of Fuji.
The two pines in front are folded by sea breeze to express interesting scenery.
It is said that it is a masterpiece of Hiroshige who stereoscopically depicted a quiet, spacious sea and contrasting steep cliffs.

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Manufacturer: Woody JOE
Package size: 140x230x34mm
Depth 53mm
Width: 175mm
Height: 119mm
Assembly reference time: 4hours
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