Mitokusan Sanbutsu-ji NAGEIREDO, Japanese Temple Model

Woody JOE
WJJT 75-09 / Level 2
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1/75 Scale "Mitokusan Sanbutsu-ji Nageiredou"
Wooden Japanese Temple Model, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 2

"Mitokusan Sanbutsu-ji Nageiredou" Tottori Prefecture,
Japan's most dangerous Japanese national treasure.

"Nageiredo" is built on a precipice, so you have to climb a steep mountain path and worship.

When you look at the contact surface of the supporting pillar, it is not fixed, just putting the pillar on the cliff rock.

At first the small hall on the left side was built, and it is thought that it was gradually built up to the state of the current building.
There are various discussions about how to transport the processed building materials and how they were assembled on site.

As a result of investigation by annual ring age method, it turned out that the tree felled around 1110 AD is used.
About 900 years since it was built. The "Nageiredo" is located in a rock cave and is considered to be less affected by UV rays and rainwater, and the deterioration of the building was avoided.

It is a mysterious temple with little information on construction and no idea how it was built.

Built in the late Heian period, Mitokusan Sanbutsu-ji Nageiredou is known worldwide as a building built on a cliff and is designated as a national treasure of Japan.

A prominent photographer asserting that its architectural beauty is "the best architecture in Japan".Built on a cliff, the method of life like that miracle is still enigmatic even now.

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Product information and Japanese culture information. 
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About the model
The kit is precisely machined parts by laser cutting and has been devised to make it easy to assemble.
The cliff is made of resin cast to express its features. The cliff walls are reproduced exquisitely with the attached wood powder.

*The production reference time: For about 20 hours

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/75
Package size 320x230x80mm (330x245x95mm / 80size)
Depth 90mm
Width 268mm
Height 221mm
Assembly reference time: 20 hours
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