NAGOYA CASTLE, Japanese Castle Model

Woody JOE
WJCM-04 / Level 4
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1/150 Scale "Nagoya Castle"
Wooden Japanese Castle Model, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 4

Nagoya castle featuring copper tile roof on the outer wall of white plaster. It was a huge wooden building which was also known as "Golden Castle" from the gold statue raised to the castle tower.

Characteristics of kit
24 gold-plated gold statue. Ishigaki using Ash wood is gorgeous.

About the Model
*The production reference time: For about 120hours

Please see here for the display case
Architectural Model Display Case / TYPE P

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Product information and Japanese culture information. 
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We introduce the material photos of Nagoya Castle on our Facebook page. Please refer to the assembly of the Nagoya Castle model.

Manufacturer: Woody JOE
Scale: 1/150
Package size: 515x430x90mm (525x425x95mm / 120size)
Depth: 426mm
Width: 455mm
Height: 421mm
Assembly reference time: 120 hours
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