"ATAKE BUNE" Japanese Sengoku-era Warships

The Atakebune is the strongest and largest warship from the end of the Muromachi period to the beginning of the Edo period.

Atakebune / Samurai Warship

"ATAKE BUNE" Japanese Sengoku-era Warship

1/100 Scale "ATAKE BUNE"
Japanese Sengoku-era Warships
, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 3

Hizen Nagoya-jōzu byōbu
Many buildings are drawn around the five-storied castle tower in "Hizen Nagoya Castle", and it depicts in detail the appearance of Nagoya Castle, which was the second largest after Osaka Castle at that time.
In the surrounding hills, there are Jinya of each daimyo gathered from all over Japan. The castle town is bustling with goods and people from all over the country.
It is considered to be a depiction of the summer of 1593, and is an extremely valuable resource for learning about Nagoya Castle and the military city of Nagoya.

Please take a look at the lower left of the folding screen. Two giant warships "Atakebune" are drawn.