SEIGANTO-JI TEMPLE Sanju-no-To / Three-storied pagoda, Japanese pagoda Model

WJJP 75-11 / Level 3
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1/75 Scale "Seiganto-Ji TEMPLE Sanju-no-To "
Wooden Japanese Pagoda Model, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 3

About the Seiganto-ji Temple
Seiganto-ji Temple is located in Nachikatsuura Town, Wakayama Prefecture.
The harmony between the vermilion three-storied pagoda and Nachi Falls, one of Japan's three most famous waterfalls, is wonderful and attracts many worshipers from all over the country.
Burned down in the 1958 war. The current tower was rebuilt in 1972. The height of the pagoda is 25m.

About the model
This kit realistically reproduces Seigantoji Temple by using laser processed parts.
By installing the attached Nachi Falls photo behind the model, you can recreate a wonderful landscape in your room

Manufacturer: Woody JOE
Scale: 1/75
Package size: 360x235x75mm (380x255x105mm / 80size)
Length: 250mm
Width: 250mm
Height: 334mm
Assembly reference time: 80 hours
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