KARURAOU, Buddha Statue Figure

ISUMU / Standard / 003030
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KARURAOU / Standard
Buddha Statue Figure, by Isumu

Pre-order sale. 30 bodies, limited reprint
Released on August 25, 2022

In Hinduism, the monster bird on which Vishnu rides, and Karura, who became the guardian deity of Buddhism after being incorporated into Buddhism, is the eight legions that protect Shaka Nyorai and the twenty-eight legions that protect Senju Kannon. It is worshiped as a revered person.
It is said to have the benefit of rain protection, lightning protection, and life extension because it regularly eats evil dragons that call clouds and cause storms.

The model of the Buddha statue figure is one of the 28 national treasure statues enshrined in the temple that Emperor Go-Shirakawa ordered Taira no Kiyomori to build in his residence.
It is believed that it was produced at the studio of Unkei's eldest son, Tankei, during the Kamakura period.
The sculpture that cuts out the moment when the whistle is blown is realistic, and the right foot with lightly raised toes is full of reality as if it is rhythmic at any moment. The masterpiece of Kei school sculpture, which is extremely realistic, has been precisely reproduced.


モデルは京都の国宝 「木造二十八部衆立像」のうちの一体で、鎌倉時代、運慶の長男・湛慶の工房で制作されたとみられます。
「TanaCOCORO[掌] 迦楼羅王」の発売を記念し、2018年に販売終了した当モデルを30体限定で復刻販売するものです。

Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size: xxmm
Height: mm
Width: mm
Depth: mm
Weight: 1400g
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