HACHIBUSHU - Eight Legions, Buddha Statues Figure

ISUMU / TC / 3770
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HACHIBUSHU - Eight Legions / Tana Cocoro
Buddha Statues Figure, by Isumu

A masterpiece that is transmitted beyond many disasters
The national treasure "Kanshitsuhachi bushūritsuzō", which became the model for the product, is an eight statue made by Empress Komyō in 734 as a memorial service for her mother. It was created as part of a group of 28 Buddhist statues, many of which were destroyed by repeated damage such as fire and lightning strikes. However, the Eight Legions miraculously retain all eight Buddha statues.

モデルとなった国宝「乾漆八部衆立像」は、天平六(734)年、光明皇后が母 橘三千代の一周忌供養のために発願した8体の像です。経典『金光明最勝王経』の釈迦集会(しゅうえ)の場面を表す28体の群像の一部として造像されましたが、その多くは兵火や落雷など度重なる罹災で焼失。しかし八部衆は8体すべてが奇跡的に今に残ります。



Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size: 470x600x295mm
Height: 121mm - 180mm
Width: 83mm - 110mm
Depth: 61mm
Weight: 1700g
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