AIZEN MYO-O, Buddha Statues Figure

ISUMU / TC / 3782
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AIZEN MYO-O / Tana Cocoro
Buddha Statues Figure, by Isumu

Kamakura period (1247)
Aizen Myo-o is a deity who punishes those who do not follow the teachings of Buddha.
He purifies the people's spirit of evil thought, turning worldly desires and lust into spiritual awakening.
Various treasures spill out from under his lotus seat.

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Powerful modeling that is said to be Unkei's work
The Buddhist statue that became the model for this product is the statue of Aizen Myo, the principal image of Kongo Sanmai-in Temple, which is specially designed for Koyasan.
It is also said that Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, commissioned the genius Buddhist master Unkei to produce it. It is a statue that shows the strong connection between the temple at that time and the Kamakura Shogunate.
Although it has a fierce expression and a vermilion-dyed body, it was deeply worshiped as a Buddha that connects all ties. The expression that makes you feel the harsh but mercifulness and the details such as the detailed decoration of the pedestal are carefully modeled. With its overwhelming presence, it was condensed into Tana COCORO size and sold in a limited edition of 200.

Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size:
Height: 173mm
Width: 122mm
Depth: 80mm
Weight: 380g
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