ZENZAI DOUJI (Sudhana), Buddhist Statues

ISUMU / TC / 3529
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ZENZAI DOUJI (Sudhana) / Tana Cocoro
Buddhist Statues figure, by Isumu

Kamakura period (1220)
Zenzai Douji (Sudhana in Sanskrit) went on a pilgrimage, met 53 advisers in search of the truth of Buddhism and eventually became enlightened. The 53 advisers included Bodhisattvas (those who take up a course in their life to move in the direction of Buddha) and great monks, as well as ordinary boys and girls, a waterman, and even a prostitute. Zenzai Douji had a pure heart and regarded them as his advisers and learned important things from each of them. It is said that the ideal spirit of Buddhism was reflected in his attitude.
The image of Zenzai Douji, looking backwards, shows a youngster guiding a party of Bodhisattvas led by Monju Bosatsu (Bodhisattva of Wisdom), which connotes that the pure heart of the youngster exorcises evil spirits, devils, and impurities.

Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size:
Height: 120mm
Width: 66mm
Depth: 53mm
Weight 110g
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